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This painting, 11" x 14" on canvas board is not this dark in its' original form, but I darkened it for the use as a pattern because I felt like it made a more dynamic reproduction.



This pattern would look nice as bed linens, or perhaps a fabric shower curtain, or the upholstery on the seat of a chair.  Gift-wrapping paper and/or designer accent pillows would also make good uses of this pattern.  Limitless possibilities



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'Ray and Violet'

This painting has a lot of inspiration behind it.  It is definitely about electricity, the human spirit, deities, and more.  I would not call this a masterpiece, by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like the outcome and I really like the patterns that this image creates.




The possibilities are almost limitless for the use of these patterns.  The pattern above could be used on bed linens, while one of the patterns below could be used for the bedspread or comforter and pillow cases and shams.  The pattern above would also make nice gift wrapping paper.



Other purposes for uses of these patterns could be furniture upholstery, decorator pillows, curtains, wallpaper, bath robes, shirts, skirts, jackets, vests, neckties, and so much more.





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'Winter to Spring'

I painted this 16" x 20" canvas purposefully to be a pattern.  I titled it 'Winter to Spring' because I was tired of winter and we were seeing the first signs of spring appear.




As with most of Empire Patterns, the possibilities of uses is almost unlimited.  Bed linens, tablecloths and napkins, upholstery, scarves, throw pillows, wallpaper, gift-wrapping paper, and much more.






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'The Seamstress'

This acrylic painting is on a 24" x 30" canvas.  'The Seamstress' was inspired by a dream I had about a wonderful woman that I knew.  One of her many talents was sewing, hence, the seamstress.  This painting is meant to represent an eye looking through the thread-hole of a needle.



This is one of my most favorite patterns in all of my vast collection.  It is elegant, classical, soothing, casual, and enchanting, all at the same time.  The pattern below would make beautiful bed linens, or a shower curtain.  There are many other uses for this pattern, as well.  Upholstery, table cloths and napkins, fabric for clothing, curtains, wallpaper, wrapping paper, and more.





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'Yellow Ball Tower'

This painting was inspired by the sun and the moon.  That is not obvious, other than the yellow ball that represents both, but the yellow color represents more the sun than the moon.  The inspiration was created when the sun and the moon where in the sky at the same time.  This is painted on a small canvvas, 8" x 10".



I really like the pattern that is created by 'Yellow Ball Tower'.  The possibilites for its' uses are almost endless.



Some of the possible uses of this pattern are:  bed linens, window treatments, shower curtains, wallpaper, furniture upholstery, wrapping paper, scarf, necktie, tablecloth, napkins, placemats, picnic blanket, clothing, and more.