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Posted By KingCarl


'Helping Hands'

This original painting is on a 16" x 20" wood panel.  I used a bit of metallic paint on it, so the photo is a little different than when viewing it "in the flesh".



Tile and Pattern

This pattern, like so many I have created, makes me think of bed linens.  The large pattern below could be the comforter and sheets, and the tile above could be the pillow cases or shams.  The pattern below would also make a very nice shower curtain.  As is the motto here at Empire Patterns, our patterns are fit for royalty.  But one does not have to be a member of royalty to have an Empire Pattern.








Posted By KingCarl



This painting is titled, 'October Surprise'.  The original painting on canvas board measures 11" x 14".  After photographing the piece of artwork and a little editing of the brightness and contrast, the first step in creating a pattern is to make a four piece tile, which gives the result below:




The next step is to copy and paste the first tile which creates the larger pattern:



I really like the final result of this pattern.  I can envision it as a comforter on a bed with matching sheets and pillow cases.  Other uses could be window treatments, a shower curtain, tablecloth and napkins, wrapping paper, or upholstery for furniture.  There are many possibilities for its use.  In addition, the pattern can be made to look very different by adjusting the size of the four-piece tile before creating the full size pattern.  For the pattern below, I shrunk the four-piece tile to less than half the size of the first tile.






Posted By KingCarl



'Firebush Acres'

Introducing Empire Patterns.  All Empire Patterns are created from original paintings by me.  My name is Carl, but my online personna is KingCarl, as in KingCarlofcarlWorld.  Empire Patterns has a YouTube channel as well as a .com website.  I have posted the original painting of my background pattern, titled 'Firebush Acres'; that is the title of the pattern, as well.