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Posted By KingCarl


'Boy On A Box'

All I will say about this painting is that it is titled, 'Boy On A Box'.  The rest I leave to the viewer. 




The pattern that it creates is interesting.  I would love a bath robe made of the pattern below.








Posted By KingCarl


'Full Moon Rising'

This painting was inspired by a full moon rising over the Atlantic Ocean back in the fall of 2003.  I had just started painting in the summer of that year and I was proud of myself for capturing the aura of the event of the rising full moon that I had witnessed that night.




This four-part tile is interesting in that the house that I was at when this full moon occurred had four-pane windows and this really works to set the mood of viewing the rising full moon of that night through the windows of the beach cottage.  I would even go so far as to call this charming.




I like the pattern that is created by 'Full Moon rising'.  I think this would make a really nice shower curtain, but at the very least, it would make great gift-wrapping paper.  It would also make very nice cotton sateen curtains for a beach cottage or cabin in the woods.  My post on this blog for May 11, 2011 is another painting that was also inspired by a rising full moon which occurred at the same beach at the Atlantic Ocean, but it was painted about a year later than this one.