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Posted By KingCarl



This painting was inspired by a dream I had about a "fairy village".  The fairies lived in a tiny village in a forest under mushrooms, which served as their homes.  I don't particularly believe in fairies, nor do I consider myself a fan of fairy stories, but my dream was what I would consider charming and endearing, so I wanted to paint a painting to acknowledge the experience.  The painting represents an abstract view of the fairies under a mushroom.  The fairies are represented by the blue.  The original acrylic painting is on a 16" x 20" canvas.



I really like this pattern a lot.  This would make a great robe.  Other applications could be a tablecloth with matching napkins, shower curtain, bed linens, wall paper, designer pillows, computer bag, scarf, necktie, and so much more.




Posted By KingCarl



I painted several paintings that were inspired by balls of fire.  I'm not sure exactly what the inspiration came from, but part of the influence was cosmic happenings-- think meteor showers.  This original painting is on a wood panel that is approximately 25" x 47".  I think this painting is a little bit silly, but I really, really like the pattern that is created by this piece of artwork.



If this pattern were to be reproduced exactly as it is above, I think it would make a fantastic shower curtain.  Or how about a  picnic blanket with matching napkins?  Some other possibilities are a table runner, placemats, napkins, bed linens, window curtains, upholstery for chair cushions, decorator pillows, and maybe even wallpaper. So many possibilities.



Posted By KingCarl


'The Coppersmith'

This was meant to represent a coppersmith's glove.  The original painting was painted with copper paint which mostly appears as red in the translation to digital form.  But it still looks nice, in my opinion.


The Coppersmith2.

I realize that this pattern has a spider-like appearance, as I have been told many times, but I think it would make very bold bed linens, especially if it was done with a silk/cotton blend.  This pattern would also make an absolutely fabulous shower curtain.  Other applications could be upholstery, wallpaper, scarves, tablet computer cover, and much more.


Posted By KingCarl


'Drowning Man in a Calm Sea'

This painting came about because of the economic downturn our society has experienced since 2008.  Many people in America have gone through a life change, not by choice, but by necessity. While this painting portrays a "man", this is really about mankind --both male and female, as many have struggled to make ends meet, or just survive. I hope that life gets better soon. Many people are dispirited and disenchanted.


This pattern has a slight elegance to it.  This would make nice bed linens, or a shower curtain.  Like most of my EmpirePatterns, the uses for this patterns are almost limitless.