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Posted By KingCarl


'Holy War, Wholly War'

The title tells the story of the inspiration of this piece of artwork.  War is not pretty, war based on religion even less so, but I have received many compliments on this piece of art and the pattern, as well.  I think the pattern is beautiful.  It looks like it could be stained glass.  I could see this pattern used on a shirt, a scarf, a robe/kimono, or a shower curtain, and it would make a very nice wrapping paper.




I have two version of this pattern because of the photographic method and the outcome of the metallic paints used on this canvas.  What is seen on this pattern displayed here is an outcome due to using a flash during the photography of the original painting.  The flash "reflected" the light on the metallic paint.  The other version of this pattern was taken without a flash, so although it is a closer representation to the original painting, the outcome for the pattern is much more subdued, slightly less vibrant.  This is one of my favorite patterns in my collection, and that is saying a lot, given that I have hundreds of patterns that have been created from my artwork.







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